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Healing Earth

Healing Earth

Our Vision Our vision at Healing Earth is to free the planet from the endless cycle of unnecessary trauma and allow us all to enjoy heaven on earth. What is Trauma? Trauma is the result of a life threatening or

Healing Retreats

Healing Retreats

We offer three options for your rejuvenating and healing retreats. Healing Waters – Glastonbury U.K. Healing Waters Sanctuary is a Spiritual Retreat Centre and B&B that embodies the qualities of Love and Compassion. We are situated on the Sacred Site

Healing Gardens

Healing Gardens

Healing Gardens is an eco-community in Glastonbury dedicated to working in harmony with the Sacred Land on which we grow fruits and veg organically, whilst offering our members the opportunity to re-connect to nature, each other and ourselves. Elementals, Fairies

Online Healing Programme

A Unique Powerful Trauma Healing Program

How to Heal Trauma? You CAN DO IT! Online Trauma Healing Programme  Do you suffer from?: Angry outbursts (they can be contained again and the thinking brain can gain control) Fear (can be eradicated and you can once again experience flow

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About Juliet, Her Mission & Her Work

About Juliet Yelverton
About Juliet’s Mission
About Juliet’s Work

What People Say About Juliet

Juliet has helped me understand how trauma is not only impacting me but how it shapes the world we live in! Her clarity, her kindness and her compassion all add to the powerful healing she facilitates every time we connect.

Dr. Marion Bevington "I'm so happy I found Juliet, she's an angel."

"What comes to me when I recall my experience of trauma therapy is a feeling of being held in a very safe space. I was shown ways to learn how to resource myself in such a way, that is good to be in therapy and also so rewarding to do in daily life. from a safe and resourced place, it's as if my own inner self allows me to unravel some thing that I am at that moment ready to bring into awareness and my own inner healing process can unfold what comes up. Juliet supports this process with gentle guidance. From awareness and understanding in the moment it's possible to be compassionate for myself at the time when the traumatic event took place. This is truly a loving experience, it's as if I am loving, healing and embracing that part of me, from that time, in my Heart. I believe that then part of my fragmented soul has returned. Each time I have trauma therapy all this occurs for different issues. Over time with this therapy my soul has / is returning. This is truly the most beautiful experience I have ever encountered, my growing loving relationship with my soul. In a nut shell trauma therapy allows our inner self to carry out a process that allows mind body and soul to reunite."

Professionally I've been able to help a lot of clients with parts of their birth trauma with great results. Before our session I had a feeling that I didn't get to the core of certain issues with some clients and now I have the understanding of what can happen between conception and birth and that brought me more background and experience that makes my therapy better and more profound. The therapy with you made me respect and love my body more then before. I loved myself when I came to you but now it is on another level. I can grasp the miracle that life, my life in this body actually is in a wonderful way now. That is very precious. A big hug and love, Sara

Sara Busselen, spiritual healer