About Juliet’s Work

At the Healing Waters Sanctuary, a healing Retreat Space in Glastonbury in the UK, I offer a variety of Therapeutic Services, Healing retreats, Workshops, Training Courses and Trauma Informed Services.


This video is about the Pre & Perinatal Workshops that I co-run with Julia Duthie

Workshops and Training Courses

Glastonbury, UK Based

This video describes the Trauma Healing Training work that I do.

Healing retreats

In Glastonbury and South of France


Client Testimonials

“What comes to me when I recall my experience of trauma therapy is a feeling of being held in a very safe space. I was shown ways to learn how to resource myself in such a way, that is good to be in therapy and also so rewarding to do in daily life. from a safe and resourced place, it’s as if my own inner self allows me to unravel some thing that I am at that moment ready to bring into awareness and my own inner healing process can unfold what comes up. Juliet supports this process with gentle guidance.

From awareness and understanding in the moment it’s possible to be compassionate for myself at the time when the traumatic event took place. This is truly a loving experience, it’s as if I am loving, healing and embracing that part of me, from that time, in my Heart. I believe that then part of my fragmented soul has returned. Each time I have trauma therapy all this occurs for different issues. Over time with this therapy my soul has / is returning. This is truly the most beautiful experience I have ever encountered, my growing loving relationship with my soul. In a nut shell trauma therapy allows our inner self to carry out a process that allows mind body and soul to reunite.”

– A client (name is withheld for privacy purposes)

This is a quote from a client that experienced pre-natal regression work with me.

“I had two x 2 hour pre-natal regression treatments with Juliet. WOW! Such amazing powerful experiences. ‘I regressed back to when I was an egg in the fallopian tube, when my parents were making love as I was conceived and also felt my spirit descend from heaven into my body. I’d suffered so much trauma in these moments that I’d never faced or was aware of, yet going through this has released a massive amount of energy and now I feel so much more complete as a human being. Like a real man, full of love, no longer carrying this childish feeling of fear which was holding me back and preventing me from being the whole love that I am. Thanks so much to Juliet for this and I heartily recommend that everyone has this treatment.”

Having previously found some relief with Cranial Osteopathy, I approached Juliet in the hope that Craniosacral Therapy might offer similar benefits; it did, but Juliet had much more to offer. In her practice room, Juliet had a comfortable mattress, upon which I gratefully threw myself, as lying down in itself always eased my physical symptoms. We began to talk, and much to my surprise I soon found myself engaged in the kind of effective psychotherapeutic process I had previously found inaccessible.

Although the process has been anything but linear, I have found the combination of ‘talking’ and ‘hands-on’ therapies within each session particularly helpful. In time, as I began to internalise the healing dialogues, techniques and processes in which “When I first met Juliet, I was in the midst of a severe crisis, and in effect caught ‘between a rock and a hard place’; I was in too much physical pain to even sit in a chair and engage in traditional ‘talking’ therapy, but in too much psychological distress to engage with conventional Pain Management techniques.

Juliet engaged me, my belief in my capacity to heal and recover took root, and continues to grow.

On my darkest days, in the depths of my despair and fear, Juliet has never expressed anything but faith in my innate ability to heal and recover, even and especially when I clearly had no such faith. I have always found Juliet to be unfailingly kind, compassionate, unflappably calm, and generous with her time, wisdom, and genuine care and support. I owe her a great deal.”

A Testimonial from a client who worked on Pre-Natal Trauma Resolution with me as part of the Healing Programme

I am very grateful for your support (Juliet) – since I have done these sessions concerning my birth-trauma I feel stronger. The most remarkable result is that it is much more easy and natural to make decisions and act on them, to say no to people. In some way I am more organised, my household doesn’t take so much energy anymore. These are the results on the personal level.

Professionally I’ve been able to help a lot of clients with parts of their birth trauma with great results. Before our session I had a feeling that I didn’t get to the core of certain issues with some clients and now I have the understanding of what can happen between conception and birth and that brought me more background and experience that makes my therapy better and more profound. The therapy with you made me respect and love my body more then before. I loved myself when I came to you but now it is on another level. I can grasp the miracle that life, my life in this body actually is in a wonderful way now. That is very precious.        A big hug and love, Sara — Sara Busselen Spiritual Healer