Bringing compassion to our lives and supporting healing

Bringing compassion to our lives and supporting healing

Amidst all the pain.

Can we surrender once again to the deeper holding of our

spiritual life.


Today I chanced upon this video on the Healing Waters Sanctuary Facebook page and was reminded of that special time a year or so ago when Lama Ahbay Rinpoche held a deeply sacred and powerful healing retreat.  As I played the video, my body settled into a deep serenity and my heart melted into a softness of love and peace.


Amidst all the pain of our times, the enforced separation, the pain of loss, the fear of of creeping totalitarian control and what feels like a deliberate intention to rob us as the very level of our souls, our identity and our beingness, I am reminded of the deep surrender into our sacred spiritual essence that can NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY.

Join me for a few moments in chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra with Lama Ahbay Rinpoche.


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