Mesmerized by the illusion of Democracy or Hoodwinked and Deluded?

Mesmerized by the illusion of Democracy or Hoodwinked and Deluded?

Mesmerized by the illusion of Democracy or Hoodwinked and Deluded?

I have spent the majority of my adult life working hard to bring loving kindness to people that I meet in the hope that it will ‘rub off’ on them and spread like the famous ‘hundred monkeys’ magical formulae, bringing peace to the planet. I seriously believed that human beings are ultimately good and it was only a matter of time before everything changed for the better. I was very sad about all the poverty and suffering on the planet and felt that war was a blasphemy that we would eventually outgrow. If you had asked me if I believed in evil, I would have said a firm ‘NO”.

Over the past 6 months, I have had to review the belief. It has been a great shock, a great wakeup call which I fear that many of us are going to have if we are ever going to stop the slaughter. It began with a leaflet dropped through my door about ‘geo-engineering’ and ‘chemtrails’. I wasn’t sure if I believed it or not, but I immediately went to the internet and started researching. Several hours later I had no doubt. A day later I was trying to share my new found knowledge with the world. I felt the urgency. I could see that it was happening but couldn’t understand why or who would do such a thing. It turned all my beliefs up side down.

This led me over the next few months from one topic to another, each one an aspect of how our democracy is not a democracy and how we are having all our freedoms eroded at an alarming rate. All our choices of what would or could be a good life, cruelly taken away from us.

Suddenly it was not the poor people in less developed areas that were suffering, it was all of us and there was something more sinister and hideous and evil behind it than I had ever thought possible. I have spent the last few months very distressed. At the same time, I still have a belief that the magnificence of the human spirit will prevail and that we are indeed Divine and able to transform any situation. But firstly we truly do have to wake up to what is happening. The illusion has to break, we need to stop being mesmerized.

Last night I found this video interview of Noam Chomsky on a site called Democracy Now. He is talking about a recent speech made by President Obama on the possible war with Syria. I was firstly struck by the eyes of Obama. I thought, is this man sane? When I listened to the words, I could see how they are designed to so easily take us in and persuade us that ‘might was right’. Later listening to Noam Chomsky analyse the speech and give the true history of America over the past 70 years, it made me feel that listening to Obama was like listening to someone suffering from psychosis. Noam commented that what Obama was saying is so far from the truth that it couldn’t even be described as being a fairy tale.

Listen to the video and see what you think. For me it was another one of the dominoes falling in my previous belief system. I am wondering where the end will be. What is actually going on at the moment on the planet and when will we begin to turn it around? I would be grateful for your views. What have you been observing and what would you like to happen to bring a happy fulfilling life for everyone.

Noam Chomsky (Sept 11, 2013) “Current Situation in Syria”

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