Bringing compassion to our lives and supporting healing

Amidst all the pain.

Can we surrender once again to the deeper holding of our

spiritual life.


Today I chanced upon this video on the Healing Waters Sanctuary Facebook page and was reminded of that special time a year or so ago when Lama Ahbay Rinpoche held a deeply sacred and powerful healing retreat.  As I played the video, my body settled into a deep serenity and my heart melted into a softness of love and peace.


Amidst all the pain of our times, the enforced separation, the pain of loss, the fear of of creeping totalitarian control and what feels like a deliberate intention to rob us as the very level of our souls, our identity and our beingness, I am reminded of the deep surrender into our sacred spiritual essence that can NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY.

Join me for a few moments in chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra with Lama Ahbay Rinpoche.


Could the whole world now be suffering from PTSD?

 With a global shutdown, there are now many more deaths than those caused by Covid19.


People are dying as a result of lockdown and nothing to do with a Covid virus. The world population is in a state of fear and many are now suffering from PTSD after enforced lockdown and the wearing of masks.

Is the end result that the whole world could now be suffering from PTSD.  What are the issues here and how can we help the planet recover?

Join me in this in-depth discussion on Camelot CastleTV

Discussing the Global issues facing humanity at this time.

We urgently need to train at least 100,000 trauma healers in the UK alone.  If you want to know more about my training programmes, you can find out how you can do a 1 year professional training to enhance your own skills. 

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Trauma Healing in simple steps – find freedom from stress anxiety and fear

Today I am celebrating as I have finally finished my first self help book on trauma healing. It is designed to show you the way in easy steps. Encouraging you to be able to heal safely and surely. We all have the capacity to heal, each one of us.

In the process of writing the book, I have also discovered a lot about myself. The biggest hurdle that we can have in life is just feeling safe enough to show up. This has certainly been the case for me.

I was almost 50 when I started building my business around healing trauma. I had raised my family and been through many traumatic experiences myself. You could say that I have learnt about trauma healing from the inside out.

I am not a man. I am not from a highly academic research background but now I am ready to stand up and be seen. I came from a highly impoverished background and had to fight to get an education at 15 when my father wanted me to work in a factory. I ran away from home ( it was barely a home but just a place where I shared a room with my cousins in my cousins house) and then carved out my own life. It has been a long and difficult journey.

But now with completing my book, I think I have got to the place where I can say that I am proud to be me. I am ready to feel confident about the knowledge that I have around trauma healing. I have worked with hundreds of clients and already taught many practitioners, trauma healing skills.

As I step into the next phase of my life, I am committed to sowing the seeds of planetary trauma healing.

I will keep you posted.


Thank you so much for signing up for the free gift.

I hope sincerely that it will help you.

My commitment is to heal the trauma on the planet. We can do this together, one step at a time.

The most important step is to heal yourself, then you can be sure that you can help others heal from trauma, especially our babies.

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When you have trauma you are not the person you were born to be.
Healing trauma is having your life back.


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Be blessed and be happy.

Love Juliet

Did your Mother tell you??

It's long been known that our pre-natal lives have a deep impact on what comes after in life, This painting in the Modern Tate shows us that it is deeply embedded in our psyche and influences are lives continually.
It’s long been known that our pre-natal lives have a deep impact on what comes after in life, This painting in the Modern Tate shows us that it is deeply embedded in our psyche and influences are lives continually.

Did your Mother tell you about your birth? Chances are that she didn’t and that she thought it was alright…..SHE MAY HAVE BEEN WRONG

When I asked my Mother, she had no answers…. I did my own ‘personal research’ and found out from MY body memories that the terrible pain that I had in my pelvis and the tension in my shoulder and jaw were the result of my Challenging FACE UP Birth.
I also discovered that my inability to feel safe in relationship was linked to my ‘Discovery Moment’ when my mother was unsure as a young women about being pregnant.
My deep anxiety around connection and having a home was linked to my Implantation.
And the immense amount of shock in my body was due to my Embodiment Experiences. (The time when we transition into a physical form. It is thought to be at some point along the way of the Egg Journey or Sperm Journey, when these two reproductive cells are moving towards each other)
There was much to heal but I knew where to start. Each time that I researched within the context of a loving, supportive group, together with my teacher Karlton Terry, who is a Pre Birth Educator, I was able to heal another piece of the puzzle.
Unfortunately, when these earlier traumas are not healed, they have a way of repeating. It took me 3 marriages, before I understood the problems that I had around connection and safe relationship.
I could go on….there is much to this story….

What is it that you need to heal in your life and where did it start? You don’t actually need to know anything to get started, except for what is not working in your life now. This is a great pointer to where you may have had a problem in your pre natal life.
Julia and I are here to help you. We are skilled at understanding the body language that shows itself in the people that we are working with when they start to ‘tap into’ their early cellular memories.
Why not take this opportunity to attend the next Healing Birth Wounds Workshop and we will take you carefully and safely, in a loving way, to a more healed and integrated experience of yourself?
March 12th & 13th Healing Birth Wounds Workshop.

Addiction, Bulimia and Poverty Consciousness – What predisposes us to suffer in this way?

Addiction, Bulimia and Poverty Consciousness – What predisposes us to suffer in this way?

birth rainbow jpg

Picture taken by Sarah Bullock at a previous Healing Birth Wounds Workshop. A symbol of hope and renewal

How are issues of addiction, greed and poverty consciousness patterned in our earliest moments of life as a microscopic clusters of cells? (more…)