Trauma Healing in simple steps – find freedom from stress anxiety and fear

Trauma Healing in simple steps – find freedom from stress anxiety and fear

Today I am celebrating as I have finally finished my first self help book on trauma healing. It is designed to show you the way in easy steps. Encouraging you to be able to heal safely and surely. We all have the capacity to heal, each one of us.

In the process of writing the book, I have also discovered a lot about myself. The biggest hurdle that we can have in life is just feeling safe enough to show up. This has certainly been the case for me.

I was almost 50 when I started building my business around healing trauma. I had raised my family and been through many traumatic experiences myself. You could say that I have learnt about trauma healing from the inside out.

I am not a man. I am not from a highly academic research background but now I am ready to stand up and be seen. I came from a highly impoverished background and had to fight to get an education at 15 when my father wanted me to work in a factory. I ran away from home ( it was barely a home but just a place where I shared a room with my cousins in my cousins house) and then carved out my own life. It has been a long and difficult journey.

But now with completing my book, I think I have got to the place where I can say that I am proud to be me. I am ready to feel confident about the knowledge that I have around trauma healing. I have worked with hundreds of clients and already taught many practitioners, trauma healing skills.

As I step into the next phase of my life, I am committed to sowing the seeds of planetary trauma healing.

I will keep you posted.

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