Stop The Cycle of War and Trauma

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Stop The Cycle of War and Trauma

The Cycle of War & Trauma

“We have to stop the cycle of war on this planet!”

“I don’t think there’s a single person here that isn’t a descendent of somebody that has been in a war.”

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“I know that I was born directly from parents who are in the war but my parents were also descended from their parents who’d been in a war and that trauma is passed on generationally.

This trauma affects our nervous system, it affects our cortisol levels and our capacity to resolve stress.

We are all carrying this generational imprint of war and that it’s deepening the trauma for everyone on this planet which means that we have an incredible destructive cycle of war and environmental damage and abuse and addiction and all sorts of trauma happening on this planet because of a legacy that we carry.

Hitler most certainly had trauma. Margaret Miller the psychotherapist has done some research on him and explored his childhood and his background indicates that he was a very traumatised individual.

I would imagine that Donald Trump is also traumatised. I understand that he went to boarding school and almost all children going into boarding schools are certainly traumatised by the experience.

The signs that you have trauma might be:

  • that you have bad sleep patterns
  • that you have addictions
  • that you have rapid mood swings
  • that you have chronic illness
  • that you have fears obsessions and
  • that you have difficulties in your relationships.

I can tell when someone has resolved their trauma because they are so much more open nervous system as much calmer. They don’t go into reactive behaviour, they’re able to just flow a lot more be a lot more at ease and at peace with whatever is coming up in their life.

My vision for a healed life on this planet is:

  • that we do not need to resort to fear around our connections with each other
  • that we work in harmony together
  • that we we work from a loving place in our hearts through kindness, compassion and understanding and
  • that we don’t use diverse evasive practices to alienate one person from another

Together as one humanity we can create heaven on earth”

The Healing Journey

This journey begins with you and healing of your own trauma. Everyone is traumatised! The planet is in crisis and set on the path of social unrest, war and environmental disaster. When we heal our trauma, we help others to heal, we help the planet to heal.

Trauma is a physical problem, and happens when the nervous system is stuck in the defensive mode. It’s an interruption of the defence cycle of the autonomic nervous system.

When you heal your trauma, you free up the frozen trauma energy in your body that has been lying in wait to defend you. When you heal your trauma this energy is then available for you, so you have access to much more life force energy, abundant creativity and you are set free to be your authentic self.

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