Healing Trauma gives you your life back
Healing Trauma gives you your life back

The qualities of motherhood are largely undervalued and yet they remain the most fundamental to the healthy growth of human beings.

The reason why, is because they create a safety and well being for the child without which, life would become chaotic and unmanageable.

A highly resourced therapist that can create safety and containment for a client that has been traumatized and is able to significantly support them in their healing process.

The nature of trauma is to undermine safety, since it happens as a result of a life threatening or perceived life threatening situation. The nervous system is triggered into action to preserve the life of the person faced with overwhelming circumstances. Whilst animals can release the intense energies of the nervous system should they survive the event, human beings become trapped and frozen in a continual recycling of the intense energies, leading to a whole array of symptoms.

The first step in healing trauma is to RESTORE the sense of safety and power back to the individual.

If you are a healing practitioner that is wanting to truly be able to support your client even if they are activated into trauma, then healing your own unresolved trauma is a very useful step in being able to facilitate healing for your client.

In this video you can learn more about this process and how the Trauma Resolution training for Therapists may be right for you in enhancing your skills and broadening your therapy practice.

Why creating safety is fundamental to healing trauma

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