How to Heal Stress, Anxiety and Fear.: Releasing Trauma in Easy Steps.

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Discover a transformative guide to healing trauma in a society often marked by crisis and pain. Juliet Yelverton, a respected therapist and teacher, presents a comprehensive approach to overcoming personal trauma, whether from accidents, disasters, or childhood experiences.

This book offers practical techniques and teachings to help you move beyond merely surviving trauma to truly healing from it. You’ll learn how to become ‘trauma-informed,’ gaining insights into your own experiences and those of others, including clients, colleagues, and loved ones.

Juliet’s journey, enriched by her work with numerous students and clients, provides tried and tested methods for healing. By learning to regulate your nervous system, you can release past traumas and live with greater harmony and awareness in body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you’re grappling with unexplained physical or emotional symptoms or struggling with behaviours and habits stemming from past traumatic events, this book offers a pathway to recovery. Integrating teachings from leading experts in trauma healing, Juliet lays out simple steps to start your journey towards health and wellness today.

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This indispensable guide offers teachings, techniques and practical methods to overcome the challenges we all face as we navigate our traumatised society. As a result of accidents, disasters, crisis, or childhood trauma – we can become survivors and victims of our own trauma. This book will enable you to heal trauma rather than reliving or being a victim of it.

Once healed, you will become more ‘trauma-informed’ and aware of the trauma of those around you, whether that be clients, patients, colleagues, family or friends. This deepened awareness that comes with healing will allow you to navigate your life with more grace and ease, as well as helping your family and friends.

Highly respected therapist, activist and teacher Juliet Yelverton takes you on a healing journey and guides you through the steps to help you heal using effective processes and treatments. Her journey is shared, and the content of this book has been tried and tested by her many students and clients.

Learning how to regulate your nervous system will help you to release your past trauma, which is essential for you to live and work effectively with others. This brings you to a place where you become harmoniously aware of your body, mind and thoughts, health and wellness.

Are you experiencing physical or emotional symptoms that no one is able to explain? Are you struggling with behaviours, habits or addictions that you know are not serving you?
If so, you may be suffering today from traumatic situations or events from your past.

Medical researchers have known for decades that survivors of accidents, disasters, pandemics, and childhood trauma often endure life-long symptoms ranging from anger, anxiety and depression to unexplained physical pain and harmful behaviours reflecting these painful events.

Juliet has skillfully brought together the teachings from many of the most knowledgeable and respected figures in the world of healing from trauma to make it easier for you to follow. She has laid out simple steps for you to begin your recovery right now.

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How to Heal Stress, Anxiety and Fear.: Releasing Trauma in Easy Steps.

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