Healing Earth Training & Workshops


One Year Professional Training

Starting January 2019

“Do you want to help others but find yourself lacking confidence or being overwhelmed, depressed or angry in the process?”

As a Trauma-Informed Healing Practitioner you CAN go beyond what you have done previously & increase your ability to help others.

This training is for YOU if you are a:

Medical Doctor, Dentist, Midwife, Physiotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Carer, Complimentary & Alternative Healing Practitioner, Social worker, Nurse, Teacher, Police person…
If your are a person who cares for others.

Whatever service you provide or healing modality you do, it is likely that you will be working with traumatised people.
(By traumatised I mean that they may have erratic levels of nervous system activation, symptoms and behaviours)

Most healing trainings do not offer trauma skills as part of the training.

When you come to work with people that have trauma you may find that sometimes you are out of your depth. Such situations can leave you feeling:

Not good enough

In addition, UNKNOWINGLY you may also have unresolved trauma which can cause you to be triggered by your clients. (As most people do, even therapists!)

For example are you aware that at a subconscious level you may be:

Limiting the number of people you see because you are frightened of being overwhelmed and unable to help them with their pain.

In doing this training:

  • You will heal your own unresolved trauma and be better equipped to help your clients.
  • You will be able to handle your client’s emotional and difficult behaviour excellently
  • As a result your healing sessions will be something that you approach with ease and confidence.
  • If you are working as a professional carer or healer, your business will grow as a result of your greater confidence.
  • Compassion is profoundly powerful in healing trauma.

    Compassion is profoundly powerful in healing trauma.

Our mission is to spread the good news,
to share the trauma informed solutions along side
the latest scientific research and evidence based technologies
that are now available and heal the planet.

What Healing Earth Can Offer You

  1. Trauma Healing Treatments, Workshops and Therapies.
  2. Trainings for Practitioners, Therapists and Trauma Informed Emissaries.
  3. Consultancy for Trauma Informed Services to the public & private sectors.

Heal Trauma at it’s Roots and Together as One Humanity We Can Create Heaven on Earth

Juliet says…

“I can tell when someone has resolved their trauma because they are so much more open nervous system as much calmer. They don’t go into reactive behaviour, they’re able to just flow a lot more be a lot more at ease and at peace with whatever is coming up in their life.

My vision for a healed life on this planet is:

  • that we do not need to resort to fear around our connections with each other
  • that we work in harmony together
  • that we we work from a loving place in our hearts through kindness, compassion and understanding and
  • that we don’t use diverse evasive practices to alienate one person from another

Together as one humanity we can create heaven on earth”