Healing Waters Heartspring


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Trauma Healing in Nature:

Our retreat in the South of France is ideally suited to healing trauma.  Nature heals!  The dynamic natural environment, with forest and river and an abundance of wildlife is conducive to deep relaxation and profound healing. The retreat is set in the Viaur Valley, an unspoilt area, designated as being a site of natural beauty.  It is beautiful for long walks through the oak and chestnut forest and for river swimming.

Trauma Healing Programmes:

We offer 1:1 retreats with Juliet and trauma healing group retreats.

Our next group programme is in July 2017. Email [email protected] for more information.

Equine Assisted Trauma Healing:

Working with Horses is a powerful way into healing trauma.  They are so sensitive and able to mirror back very exactly what it is that you are needing to heal.  Their large hearts generate a huge field of love and compassion.  We offer work with horses either on our 1:1 retreats or in our group programmes.

We are in the process of developing website for this venue but meanwhile check out our facebook page to find our more about the development of our French Retreat called Healing Waters Heartspring.


 Testimonial Group Retreat 2016:  

The Group Retreat in France provided me with space in a tranquil and peaceful setting in the most beautiful scenic surroundings, free from the fast paced modern world of work and technology.There was plenty of time to focus on self-discovery, creativity and healing/trauma work on a practical and therapeutic level.Sharing space with others for the entire duration of the camp and participating in a communal living type set up with healthy meals, outings, holding space sharing’s and the resulting dynamics created that each and every person brings in some way into the group provided further and many opportunities for growth and healing.Though challenging at times, I found great benefit from being in such an environment.The work with the horses was amazing and I realised a connection and pleasure in working with animals that I had lost over time as a result of distress and a need to focus on other things.To have time to indulge in creative & personally meaningful artwork was a luxury and I realised how important it was to endeavour as far as possible to live life as my true self and to have self-trust, self-compassion and confidence in my abilities. I thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors such a lot and I would definitely recommend attending the retreat

Testimonial from Rachel Elnaugh about the Shamanic Retreat Spring 2019


The Viaur River